About Us

Pride Technologies was started 2015 out of a desire to provide effective & efficient application solutions for industry, an ethos that’s still at the heart of what we deliver to our customers every day.

With our extensive range of products and expertise, Pride Technologies strives to provide the best and most innovative application solutions that you require whilst also ensuring you are supported by our knowledge, understanding and proficiency.

Our experienced sales and customer care team makes sure that all product sales are supported. Pride Technologies not only supply your instrumentation, but we will also expertly install, commission, calibrate and service the products whether initially sourced through us or installed by OEM partners at your plant.

With our expanding footprint in Wireless Solutions and Specialised Process Instrumentation Solutions and rapid transformation and adaption of INDUSTRY 4.0 by Indian Industries we aim at becoming country’s Leading Industrial Digitalisation Experts and also making our presence felt in Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions.


  • 01 Who we are ?

    Pride Technologies is young and dynamic Process Industry solution provider and Process digitalisation experts with high-quality, reliable and effective instrumentation alongside exceptional customer service.

  • We help Industry measure the vital process data such as Moisture, Concentration, Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature etc. using our state-of-the-art instrumentations and bespoke industry specific solutions. This data when put to use with our custom-made software helps our industrial partner’s keep tab on process, help reduce losses, optimise productivity, plan advance maintenance and keep accidents and downtime at bay.

  • Pride Technologies LoRaWAN & IoT applications provide innovative solutions that increase efficiency, reliability, safety and security within industrial processes and products. Our LoRaWAN, IoT, IIoT devices work on their own and with our own cloud space and expert software team we thrive to create real-time data in the Cloud.